OSAP Online Application Issues


I've tried to apply for OSAP online.

I filled out the application and it asks for information on my spouse.

one field is to put in his drivers license number, so i put it in.

however i keep getting an error message saying that his number isn't recognized/invalid.

i check the number over and over and keep getting the same message. log out, log in. same thing. no matter what i do i keep getting the same error message.

it recognizes my driver license number no problem and all other fields i put in i don't have any issues with.

Has anyone else had difficulty with the online application for OSAP?

I tried calling today but they're closed so i'll have to try calling again tomorrow.

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I used their online system for four years with no issues, but that was long ago. It may have changed, and online systems are known for glitches.

Have you tried logging off, closing the browser and refreshing the page? Sometimes that works. Otherwise, calling is your best bet.


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I use the online system and haven't had any problems so far. Maybe call the DMV as there may be an unknown issue with his license (unpaid tickets or a suspension) that you haven't been informed of by mail yet. Just an idea.


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Thanks :)

I've tried logging on and off multiple times over the weekend.

I'm going to try logging in from his computer today and see if maybe it's a problem with my computer.

I'm also going to try and call OSAP directly (like said above, i think this is my "best bet")

I'll just keep trying different things until it works lol.

Thanks for the replies though. Hopefully I'll get it sorted out quickly


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I cleared the section of the application and reloaded it and it worked!!


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Glad you got it sorted out!!