YEA! LPN on the Ortho floor

  1. Sorry for just jumping in, but I finally got a position on a floor that almost a year and a half ago I applied for (back when I was in LPN school). I spent the last year in LTC and in a subacute rehab and vent unit at a local SNF. Around here getting into a hospital is like IMPOSSIBLE as a LPN, but the monthly phone calls to the hospital to see if they were hiring finally paid off. YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more LTC or 15 to 1 staffing rations (it really sucks when all 15 are vents) and 50 LTC pts at night. More power to the people that love LTC, but I'm soooo excited at broadening my experience and learning all I can in an acute care setting.

    Okay, calming myself down. Thank you for my indulgence.

    Oh wait, I'm scared crapless. What do I look for on an ortho floor so I don't look like a yahoo, trying to care for my pts?
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  3. by   Imgonnabeone
    Hi EKA69...I'm here in NC too...32yrs old..starting a totally new career...initally wanted to go into medicine after high school but got side tracked with marriage and children. After 14 yrs in call center management, I want to become a nurse. Only after I had a set a twins in May 07..and was in aenetal for 2 mnths & had preemies in the NICU for a month...I had the best care for myself and my babies...and met the very best, encouraging nurses that took care of us. ..Anyway..I'm writing you because I want to make sure that the plan that I have developed for myself is not unrealistic or unattainable.
    I plan to start my CNA in Jan.08, work for the hospital system (and a third shift job) , use tuition assistance to become a LPN, and an RN. I'm thinking that all of this could be completed within 5-6 yrs. ..Also, how can I determine the waiting list here in Greensboro?
    (possibly a long shot but...) If you are in Greensboro, I think I know the female Dr you were fortunate to work with....(possibly a long shot)