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Hi Gang,

My son has been cultured positive for ORSA from a leg wound from a horse riding accident in August. It was nearly healed, stitches had been out a couple weeks but then it started with just a little breakdown.

We took him to the doctor and he said nonstick bandage and triple antibiotic. We came back a few days later and the wound had grown to the size and exact shape of the bandage. He cultured the wound and put him on Keflex. Three days later, my son had broken out in a rash all over but no fever. The back of his leg had started weeping from sores the shape of the wrap to hold the bandage in place. He changed the drug to Cleocin, fearing allergic reaction and re-cultured.

The rash grew all over my sons body in a short time and he had no relief with benadryl. The doctor referred him to an ID doc at Children's Hospital. The ID docs conferred with the Dramatologist, I mean Dermatologist (witchy type). They determined my son had a reaction to neomycin, causing the breakdown and resulting infection. He's on bactroban and lidex now and clearing up rapidly. They used Mepilex bandage to hold the medication. If you haven't seen this stuff, get ahold of some. It is AWESOME. If the wound isn't draining, it can be used for 3 days, just re-applying the medication. It's self-adhering so no tape is needed. It was just what he needed to keep from tearing up the rash and new sores.

Anyway.... to my questions... First can you keep us in prayer and second, now that he's colonized with ORSA and has to live with a tube of bactroban around his neck the rest of his life... What do I do? How do I balance paranoia with reasonable care? He shares a bathroom with his 14 year old brother. What precautions do I need to take there?

Have you ever heard of de-colonization? Do you know of any research on it? I've heard of low strength bleach baths, do these help or hurt by removing normal flora? What other inanimate objects must be cleaned or replaced? I'm willing to do what it takes, just need to know what it takes. My son is a very active outside kinda kid. He will always have an open wound on his body. I can't closet him in and make him feel like he has coodies.

I'm hoping some of you can offer some real life suggestions born from experience.


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