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Orientation being sped up

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So my orientation on my 1:6 ratio Med/Surg floor was said to last 8-12 weeks. My preceptor is pushing for me to be done in 8. The other day she said she wants me to be able to do everything on my own after 6 weeks (since she will be going on vaca and I'll be given to someone else for the remaining weeks).

She really wants to aid my time management so as I go into my third week next week, I will have five patients. I struggle to have even four right now because I am still learning how to do different procedures or deal with notifications that come up on the EMR/MAR , etc., and just simply managing time. (and to be clear, she still has to pick up some slack for me/ help me out with the four. It's not like I'm doing EVERYTHING for them yet).

My preceptor has said she believes the only way I'll get better at time management is by having more to do.

She is kind and willing to teach, and patient with me (at least 75% of the time, LOL) and her only "downfall" is always being charge nurse so she is incredibly busy and it is difficult to have to wait 30 minutes for her to show me how to change a dressing or help with an I.V every time I need that or direction on a new skill (even having a verbal question or needing her to show me something in the computer can take 5+ minutes).

I guess my question is, does this sound normal?

I feel overwhelmed which I know is to be expected, but I'm wondering if having this patient load while still learning how to contact doctors appropriately, call or recognize the need for RT, or even learn if my medications are "out of stock" because they are in the refrigerator or I need to contact pharmacy (and "should I send a message or call? why does that method keep changing?? " LOL) is normal or sounds okay?

During my last shift I considered talking to my nurse manager about having a preceptor who is not charge nurse, but on second thought, I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth and end up with someone who doesn't want to be precepting and is impatient with me but has the "time" to teach me instead of me just dealing with having to constantly hunt down my current preceptor and wait a long time to have her answer most questions (but who is kind and knowledgeable to help).

Again, I feel incredibly fortunate to have a great nursing manager and co-workers, along with an encouraging and supportive preceptor. I would be less nervous perhaps if she wasn't constantly being called away to fulfill charge nurse duties and "leaving me on my own" (it really just takes a HOT minute for her to show me absolutely anything-- not her fault though but definitely screws with my "time management".

IDK. I hope my question makes sense.

Any comments or opinions, concerns or encouragements, personal stories/testimonies are SO appreciated.

Love to you all in this community!