Orientation for PRN Nurses


Has anyone had recent experience going through an orientation as a new employee when hired prn or per diem?

We are moving to MI & I plan to work prn (1 12 hour shift/week or 2 8 hour shifts/week) nights to avoid childcare. I do not want to work any full time hours with my children being so little. I have heard from one person saying that the expect their new employees to work as close to full time as possible during their orientation so I am feeling discouraged. We will have no family nearby to help out for a month or even more than a week. I realize that I will have to go through general orientation which is usually about a week & we can fly someone up to watch the kids for that or work out something with my husband's job. A week, I can handle...

Anyone dealt with this? I want to be prepared & give the hiring person any good ideas. The hospital I work for now does weekend orientation prn just as the person would work when they complete orientation so I have seen it done before. I have 6 years of experience so it isn't like they are starting from scratch.

Just looking for ideas...

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