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Organization help needed

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Hey there,

I am a new nurse and have been with a preceptor for the last few weeks. I am trying to keep myself organized and haven't quite found the best flow sheet or brain sheet to use yet. They have their own hand-off report sheets that they like the nurses to use, but I need space to write things down. I have searched for brain sheets but think I am going to have to create my own that works for me. Do any of you experienced nurses use you hand-off sheet for info and then use your own brain sheet to keep track of meds due, treatments due, procedures etc? I generally will have 5-6 patients and currently use one piece of paper divided and write down my med times, notes to self on things to chart, etc. I'm trying to reduce how many sheets of paper I need to look at because that causes me to loose track. Any suggestions would be helpful!


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