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  1. I applied for the AEM-UP program at the University of Portland and haven't heard anything (yay or nay)... Anyone familiar with this program and/or its admissions timeline?
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  3. by   teenyjo
    Hi Stella,
    Good to see another AEM UP applicant on here! I got my acceptance letter just this week so you should hear shortly...where do you live?

    Keep me posted - I'd love to chat with another potential U of P student.
  4. by   stellasaurus
    Congratulations on your acceptance! Do you have to pay a deposit by a certain date? That was a concern of mine since I applied a couple of different places.
    But I live in Seattle so I'm surprised I haven't heard either way yet. Worry worry...
  5. by   teenyjo
    Don't worry too much - I'm sure you'll hear something very soon. You can always call Stacey Boatright - she's incredibly helpful. Did you go down to Portland for an interview or did you do yours over the phone?

    I was concerned about hearing from Portland so early for the same reasons as you. I really want to go there but I didn't want to make any final decisions until I'd heard from everywhere else I applied. The really nice thing is that they don't require any sort of deposit/commitment until early March. I guess they realize that no one else sends out their letters until the spring but they at least want to give you peace of mind about your status with them. It certainly takes the pressure off with other schools. I also applied to UC San Francisco's MEPN program and Pacific Lutheran's (Tacoma) Entry-Level MSN program - where else did you apply?

    And if you don't mind my asking, what is your background (previous education, jobs, age, etc.?). I did a phone interview so I didn't meet any of the other applicants and I'm trying to get a feel for who my potential classmates might be.

    Good luck!
  6. by   teenyjo
    Hi Stella,
    Any word from Portland yet? I'm crossing my fingers for you...
  7. by   stellasaurus
    Well, I wasn't even contacted for an interview... so unless there's some kind of B-list or holiday moratorium on interviews--it looks grim for me.

    I also applied to OHSU, PLU, and UW (and I have an interview at UW). So all hope is not lost! But thanks for checking in
  8. by   teenyjo
    Hi Stella,
    Just FYI, I'll definitely be at Portland next year (UCSF turned me down) so let me know how things end up going.

    On that note, if any current AEM UP-ers happen to come across this forum, I would LOVE some firsthand insight/advice on what to expect from the program. I've been extremely impressed with what I know about UP but it's all from admissions and faculty - I'd love to get some student feedback...
  9. by   Boognish
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