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  1. Is ther anyone on this forum who goes to UP? How far along in the program are you? How are things going for you?? I will be graduating in May of 06.
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  3. by   edcampbe
    I go to U of P. I'm just finishing my first semester of nursing school. So far everythings has been great!

    - Evan
  4. by   KristiePDX
    Glad all is well on your end. The first semester of my junior year was a little chaotic for me. I was taking six seperate courses and I felt that I was spread a little thin. I ended up doing well though. I seriosly had to put on blinders so I could concentrate on the week at hand and not to worry about all the other stuff I had to do.

    I really like this school, and I LOVE the DEU for clinical. I think the DEU helps you learn faster because you have the same nurse all six/seven weeks. You don't have to keep proving yourself at the beginning of each clinical shift. It was kind of a shock when I went to the other hospitals for peds, and psych.

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    I will probably see you around BC (unknowingly).....