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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am an RN in Texas possibly relocating to Portland this spring. I have been an RN for 13 years (BSN). My background includes pediatric ER/trauma, pediatric and neonatal transport, pediatric oncology/bone marrow transplant and most recently pediatric palliative care. (I currently coordinate a pediatric palliative care program and also have had experience in clinical education in the areas listed above.)

    I know Doernbecher Children's is part of the OSHU system and I hear OSHU is currently in a hiring freeze until 2010 - does anyone know if this includes the Children's hospital as well? (There is actually a particular job posted that has piqued my interest but don't know if it's just on the website as somewhat of a "tease" if the system is not hiring.) Does anyone out there know anything about Legacy Emmanuel's Children's hospital? (Or anything about subspecialty pediatrics in Portland for that matter?)

    I know someone posted in a previous post that it would be easy to determine current nursing salaries in the area by looking at the "starting pay" and then adding .50 to a dollar for each year experience. I guess I am looking for more specifics as the jobs that I have seen posted don't even have a starting salary range in the descriptions. So, any info on that would also be very much appreciated. (I know you guys that are already in the area are probably tired of answering that question.)

    I have a brother that lives in Seattle and he loves the PNW...says the spring, summers and falls are gorgeous and make the bleak winters worth it. I've heard differing opinions on what constitutes the beginning of the "worth it" period...does the weather stay pretty bleak until June or July or does it get better in March or April? (Of course, in Texas we pretty must just have hot most of the time! ;o)

    I'm definitely looking to get somewhere that is a bit less "conservative" than where I am now! If anyone out there also knows anything about local yoga/pilates/dance studios I would love to correspond about that as well.

    Thank you all in advance and I look forward to any information you can provide!!!
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  3. by   Gabitza
    How Interesting . . .
    I am from Portland, looking to relocate somewhere warmer or just new (Houston or NY). Yes, there is a hiring freeze at OHSU, however, I am unsure of the one you're interested in; the best way to find out is to call the unit of your interest, and speak directly with the manager, or indirectly HR. I like to use the direct route, since there are more things you can find out about, i.e. the unit and management if you speak directly w/ the manager.
    As far as the weather . . . hmm. I was laughing when I read your note. . . . the NW is truly beautiful, however the winter or rainy season, starts in November and ends at the end of May in a good year, or end of June on a bad year. In the last two years, we've been having Indian Summers which are just the most splendid . . . comfortable temperature with the fall colors, mountains, sea and so much outdoor activities to do. Also, the month of Jan was very cold, dry and clear, with little rain, but once Feb. came it made up for the no rain in Jan. . . . . LOL (not a dry day in all the 28 days) You have to enjoy the outdoors (and be very comfortable with rain) to enjoy the NW winter/spring season.
    I hope this helps.
    I am currently in Houston, and not too crazy about the dusty air even now in Feb. Lived in the Rio Grande Valley for one year (volunteering) and am familiar w/ the hot summers. I am more concerned about culture, dance, yoga, and artistic growth.
    Portland is great for yoga, and dance is good (depending on what you like). Good salsa lounges/clubs and I hear tango as well; several good dance studios; one I can recommend is Satin & Latin Dance Studio with Ramos R., a certified ballroom instructors that i've been working with. There is also the Ballroom Dance Company, with Sunny being the owner and one of the instructors. Never been or taken lessons from there.
    You are welcome to email me at: gabrielafiscu@yahoo.com.
    I'd like to ask you about starting salary here in TX;
    OR salary is mid 30's. I have always worked as a "resource RN" and my salary is 40's more or less depending on the shift/day of the week.
    Good luck!
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