Salem New Grad November 2013

  1. Salem Hospital opened another new grad program that starts in November. Sorry for the late notice...applications are due on Monday, September 23. Anyone applying this round?
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  3. by   tome
    I applied, really hoping to get a shot. Any idea how many openings there are this round? Or which departments are hiring the most candidates? Any advice on how to stand out? Really anxious to get to work!
  4. by   SamanthaJean89
    I applied again as well. Hoping this time around I will at least get an interview! I like the questions Tome asked. If anyone has some answers it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone applying has heard anything let us know! Thank you!

    Tome, do you know the name of the nurse recruiter for the positions?
  5. by   Midwife22
    I applied and have an interview scheduled for next week.
  6. by   SamanthaJean89
    That's awesome! What unit did you choose?
  7. by   tome
    Wow that was fast! did you already have an in down there? What floor?
  8. by   tome
    Oh and the recruiter is -------------------
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  9. by   SamanthaJean89
    Thank you Tome! I really appreciate it.
  10. by   Midwife22
    L&D and Mother-Baby. No connections to Salem Health. Lots of prior CNA experience and work within women's health.
  11. by   tome
    Sorry - didn't realize I was in violation of terms of service by posting the name - it can be found on the job posting though
  12. by   SamanthaJean89
    Tome, which unit(s) did you choose?
  13. by   SamanthaJean89
    Got an interview! So excited!
  14. by   RVANOLA7
    Anyone have any updates? I heard that they were hiring 65 people, but I don't know how many people were being interviewed?