Rogue Community College Nursing Students?

  1. Hello all -

    I am new to these boards so....HI!

    I am looking into a career change and am quite interested in the nursing program offered at RCC here in Grants Pass. Anyone here attending this college? I would love some input from a current or past student. They have a high rejection rate and I'm scared to invest too much time completing prereqs only to find I do not get accepted. As a returning student (40) I do not have a lot of working years left to get a new career going!
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  3. by   mamaprince1
    Yes, RCC is competitive, however not impossible. Despite rumors, I know several people that have gotten in with less than perfect GPA's, and many that were alternates.

    Due to the new OCNE curriculum, many that are accepted have also applied elsewhere and ultimately decide to decline acceptance at RCC, leaving openings to those that were listed as alternates.

    I recommend work hard to get GPA as high as you can, carefully pour over the application guidelines and have all of your 'ducks in a row'. Be sure to meet with a nursing advisor rather than those in the addmissions office prior to applying just to make sure you are ready.

    For those of us returning to college later in life... expect it to take at least a year just to get the prerequisites in order to be able to apply.

    Goodluck and best wishes.