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  1. Hey everyone,
    I have been an ER traveling nurse for about 5yrs now and am looking to take
    a staff position in Portland OR area for a while. Can anyone recommend
    a hospital that they liked working at or have heard good things about? Any
    information would help. Thanks
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  3. by   portland medic
    Hi. Been a paramedic in the portland area for 11 years now and taking my nursing prerecs. Never worked at a hospital but I routinely go to all of them.

    OHSU is the big teaching / trauma / pediatric / specialty hospital as well as the local university for all things medical. Emanuel also has level 1 trauma and pediatrics ICU as well as the state burn center and St. Vincents is a very good cardiac hospital. Providence portland does the hyperbaric treatment and has a pediatric mental health center. Kaiser sunnyside doesn't have any tertiary care but seems to be a good place to work as far as wages / benefits / schedule. Portlance Adventist is the local SDA hospital but is also non-tertiary. Southwest Washington Medical Center 20 minutes away in Vancouver does a bit of everything very well but is not a level 1. A handful of other smaller hospitals that all seem to be fine places to work as far as I can tell.

    Having seen all the hospitals in their finest hours, the hospital I've been most impressed with is Emanuel, as they are very aggressive with critical patients, but OHSU is also a great hospital.
  4. by   bellaweez
    Hey thanks so much for that info. Emanual is having a job
    fair in san diego I might try to attend.
  5. by   didymus21
    St. Vincent's has a number of ER job openings right now...
  6. by   didymus21
    Apologies...I just looked into them again and it looks like they have closed.

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