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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm slowly starting my pre-req's so that I can apply to U of P as well as OHSU....I've been planning to do my pre-req's at Chemeketa. I'm wondering though, do the schools weight your GPA differently if you get your pre-req's in a Community College? Have folks successfully been accepted at these two schools with Pre-req's from a community college? Chemeketa in particular?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  3. by   edcampbe
    Hi there. I'm currently attending U of P; however, I did my first undergraduate education at George Fox University. I believe our school had 600 applicants for 60-70 transfer slots for the 2005-2006 academic year. I'd say about half of the transfers come from community colleges while the other half come from similar four-year programs. I would say U of P is biased towards accepting students transferring from other four year schools (even if they have lower grades), because they know the faculty and curriculum. However, there are students who took at least some of their prerequisites at Chemeketa prior to being accepted to U of P. My advice for you would be to try to keep above a 3.7 GPA cumulative and 3.5 GPA in the core science classes. This by no means will guarantee you a spot, but will at least make you a comptetitive applicant. Also, I know U of P gives more consideration to students who apply for a second time (after retaking classes and such). I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

  4. by   KristiePDX
    I transferred from MHCC to U of P after my second time applying. I was on the lower end of the GPA acceptance scale at a 3.55 (transfer credits). If you do your pre reqs at UP, there is much less competition to get in. If you do your pre reqs at a CC, expect stiff competion (1/8 get in). The acceptance rate in itself does not sound so bad compaired to other schools, but you have to consider that UP is one of the largest programs and and accepts more people compaired to other schools.

    I would not worry too much about taking your prereqs at a CC. Just get good grades in your transferr courses. If the courses are transferr equivelant, then they will be weighted equally as with all other CC's. Also, I would apply to as many schools as you can. If you get into them all, then you have the opportunity to pick the school that is right for you. If you only get into one, then hey--at least you have a spot!

    I wish you good luck and good skill.