OHSU fall 2011 - Monmouth

  1. Hi! I just got my acceptance letter, and I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who got accepted to OHSU's nursing program in Monmouth for fall 2011. (And if you're planning on reviewing A&P over the summer, buying the supplies, etc.)
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  3. by   swilly330
    Yay! Congratulations on your acceptance! I'll be there in Monmouth this fall as well.
  4. by   JT83
    I'm going to Monmouth this fall also!!!

    Four days after receiving my acceptance letters, I'm still in total shock! =) I am very excited for this opportunity and absolutely cannot wait 'til orientation.

    I'm a little worried about financial aid, though. I may start looking into private loans pretty soon.

    Also, I'm debating on whether I can find cheap enough housing in the Monmouth area to justify paying for two rents or commute from PDX, where my husband will be. I don't know how bad of a commute an hour and a half would be, especially if we'd only have classes 2-3 days a week.

    What are you guys planning on doing?
  5. by   JillO
    Congrats on both of your acceptance too!

    Have you received info about financial aid yet? I submitted the forms a few months ago, but didn't see anything about it in the packet that came last week. Do you think it's still coming?

    @JT83 - I'm currently living at home (I'm from Corvallis), so that's what I'm planning on continuing to do. Which means that there'll still be a bit of a commute, but not too bad...
  6. by   JT83
    No word about financial aid yet, esp since I only sent in my FAFSA last week. (Oops!) I did call the financial aid office at OHSU and was told that I'm only eligible for $10,500 yearly, which only covers about 80%+ of the cost of OHSU (tuition, books, scrubs, insurance, university fees, etc.) I'd need to come up with the rest, which isn't too horrible, but would also need $ for living expenses, which is what I'm mainly worried about.

    Oh also, the financial aid lady I talked to said that they are waiting for OHSU to finalize how much tuition is going to go up for the year before sending out the offers. She said it should happen "any day now." So I would expect a financial aid offer sometime within the next couple of weeks.

    Hope that helps!
  7. by   Al34
    I got in to Monmouth, too! I am waiting to hear from Chemeketa, but if I don't get in there, I will be joining you all in September. The cost is overwhelming to me, but hopefully I can make it work. I sent in my FAFSA around the same time I applied. I don't know what typically happens now as far as OHSU and the financial aid. Do they inform you soon after acceptance of how much you can expect to get in aid? I can hopefully get out of the health insurance requirement since I have really good insurance already. That cuts out over $1,200/term. So many things to think of now. Going to re-read my A & P book this summer for sure!!
  8. by   JT83
    Yeah, the health insurance cost was a HUGE surprise for me. I didn't think that it'd be about $1,500/term to get health insurance. Unfortunately for me, leaving my job for school means leaving my awesome health benefits also. I might look into getting private insurance, if that route will be cheaper, but I somehow doubt it.
  9. by   markatsta
    Monmouth ohsu 2012? Anyone? Excited about meeting other green students-katrina