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  1. Hello Allnurses!

    I'm creating this thread as a place for Lane Community College (LCC) nursing and pre-nursing students to connect.

    I will start off by inviting anyone to talk about the notifications that did (or didn't) go out for invitations to the proctored essay. The notifications were supposed to go out on May 1, 2009 but I was told by a staff person that some kind of error was made, but the details of the error weren't specified. I talked to several people, both students and staff and I received conflicting information - so take it all with a grain of salt (or perhaps a barrel).

    Here's what I have been told:
    -Nursing slot students for the upcoming year (Fall 2009 class) have been reduced; there are now less than 80 slots. The reasons weren't specified.
    -The proctored essay invitation notifications were sent on Thursday (April 30).
    -Some people received invitations to the essay in e-mail and letter form by Friday (May 1).
    -Some people who scored high points on the initial petition for points did not receive any notification (acceptance or denial).
    -Denial letters have not been mailed yet, and are supposed to be sent today - Monday (May 4).
    -Applicants scoring above 58 points on the initial petition for points should have been invited to the essay.
    -The health department has an office that oversees the application process called the "Heath Profession Application Center"
    -The Health Profession Application Center has an office on campus, but it doesn't permit visits from students. If you wish to contact them with a question/concern they can be reached by phone (463-5628) or e-mail ( .
    -There is a list with the names of people who were invited to the essay, but staff aren't permitted to tell you if your name is on it; you have to be notified by mail/e-mail.

    I hope this information can elucidate some of this mysterious and nerve racking appliction process.

    Good luck, and if you weren't invited to the essay, please keep your chin high and keep trying - I know I will.

    Alex B.
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    is anyone in the program? if so how are you liking it? i am thinking of transferring, what are the tests like, do they use HESI at all?