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  1. Hey, guys.

    I need your help me to decide the next step for me. I do not have good grades and I don't know what is the best decision. Do I need to retake my classes or work as CAN? Please give me some honest advise as if I am someone your care. Here we go. First tearm, I took ESL and algebra classes.

    Math 111B - A
    WR 121-A
    BIO 115-A
    BIO 231-A
    SOC 204- A
    Biomedical Ethics-A
    Elective RUS literature -A

    I started well but now it seems like I cannot get good grades anymore. Here we go with my low grades.

    BIO (A&P 2) 232-B
    BIO (A&P 3) 233- Pass (I took it last summer and I am retaking it now I am afraid that I might get B)
    PSY 215-B
    WR 122-B
    Micro-B (I am retaking it now and I am going to have A)
    F&N -C

    PSY 201 and Medical term classes now and I am gonna get As. I also took CNA class in winter term, but I did not take my state exam yet. I also started to volunteer at the hospital.

    I am so tired of studying and I am not getting good grades either. Now, I don't know if I need to take more classes or is it better if I work as a CNA to be able to get into the school next year. I got all the denial letters from school this spring.

    At this time, I do not know what the next step for me. I have $5000 loan already, but I do not have any other debt. I have a car that is paid and I am in Portland just by myself. I could relocate although I am afraid that I am waste time. I feel like I have been very depressed lately because I am not doing well in my classes. I feel like I need rest from school, but at the same time, I am afraid b/c I am not going to qualify next year either.

    If you guys were in my situation, what would you do? Sometimes, I really want to my move to different state and I want to go to a semester school. I am also taking loan and I lived off my savings last year, but this year it is all gone and I did not get into the nursing school either. I am just lost. Have any of you been in these kind of situation and low grades? I wish I had a mentor but please be my advisor here.
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    Kuku, I sent you a little private message.
    I will talk to you later
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    Quote from larisagarrett31
    Kuku, I sent you a little private message.
    I will talk to you later
    Thank you and I hope I will hear from you.