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  1. I'm considering moving to the Portland/Vancouver area and doing the critical care internship at SW Wa. Med. Ctr. or one of the hospitals in Portland- maybe even Eugene or Salem if I can find a good place. I'm NOT a new grad- just want to do something different. My question is about the working environment and atmosphere. Is management supportive? Are the other RN's backstabbing and catty? Are there "cliques" and game playing? Do they "haze" new nurses into the group? I realize no job is perfect, but I'm a professional, college educated RN and I like ADULTS, not working with a bunch of snotty, immature co-workers that act like it's Jr. High all over again. :smiley_ab

    As you can tell, I've had some bad experiences that I wish NOT to repeat. The benfits, work load and pay actually mean less to me at this point in my life. Anything is tolerable when you have supportive and friendly teammates- it can get you through any shift. On the flip side, when you work with a bunch toxic people, it just makes you want to quit nursing all together. The only way to know what I'm getting into is word of mouth because the RN recruiter isn't going to tell me, "Yeah, it sucks the big one here!". THANKS!!!!
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  3. by   bowkerj

    Those are two big hospitals in Portland. OHSU is a large research institute and Legacy has several hospitals in the Portland area - not sure about Salem.
  4. by   ShemRN
    OHSU has internship programs that might help with changing specialties also.

    "Once hired into a specific job position, additional theory, learning opportunities and caring preceptors are provided for all including the newly licensed nurse, the nurse who has practiced in other than the acute care hospital setting, or for the experienced acute care nurse who wants to enter a new specialty area"
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    Salem Hospital
    I only know the recruiter is nice, but haven't heard anything else.

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