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  1. Hey all,

    I am a recent grad and have just finished up my orientation in an ICU here in the Chicago area. Down the road I hope to move out West somewhere, and Oregon is high on the list of possibilities. If anyone is interested in taking a whack at this, I would love to hear from people out there (especially ICU) about how they feel about the hospitals they work for, IE is the collaboration high or top down from doctors?, What is the weather like? and anything else people might care to ad. In the long run, I plan to go back to school for a master's degree, so I would especially like to know what kinds of opportunities exist across the state for advance practice nurses up to and including NP.

    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   SpudID
    Dear Mike,

    My best friend works in Cardiac ICU at OHSU and loves it. OHSU is union run. Benefits and pay is good. I work in L & D and we were both hired as new grads. My friend had a better preceptorship than what I received and she is happy with her coworkers. She feels that the doctors collaborate well with nursing staff. We work with residents all the time. For the most part they are trying to learn and are usually receptive to any new ideas. OHSU serves many disenfranchised populations and another language is helpful.

    The weather is rainy but mild. Winter may have one snow or none at all but it stays gray from about December to May with rain and/or cloudiness. Temp rarely gets below freezing during the day. Summers are wonderful with low humidity and mild temps rarely getting into the 90s. There is lots to do. You are about 1-2 hrs from skiing or the ocean. Cost of living is high. Starting nursing wage at OHSU (I think) is around $27/hr with a $6 night differential.

    OHSU has NP programs that you can look up at If you work for OHSU (at least 20 hrs/week) you have discounted tuition ($60 or $65/credit hr a year ago, which is really reasonable for grad school.

    Hope that helps,