Confused about best way to start process --HELP!

  1. Hi everyone! I've decided to quit my current job and start a new career in nursing. I already have a BS so I want to apply for an accelerated BS to BSN program. I have a couple of questions :

    1) How many pre-req classes should I take at one time if I am planning to work full time while taking them? I'd like to get them done as soon as possible but also want to make sure I get excellent grades so I can have a competitive application

    2) Can you get financial aid for pre-reqs if you arent going to school full-time?

    3) How do you support yourself when entering the program full-time? Do you have to have financial aid, as well as take out a bank loan for food/rent/etc???

    Any help on how to get started would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking about working full time and taking pre-reqs at night. Is that a bad idea?
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    Best thing to do is send for information packets from the local nursing programs. Then go there sit down and speak to them and let them give you the reality of trying to enter and finish nursing school.