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  1. #3 on the RCC alternate list. Does anyone have any insight on the chances alternates have of getting into the program? I'm still waiting to hear from OHSU with fingers crossed. At the time of application I had the minimum prerequisites completed with a 4.0, but I believe there must have been a great deal of people applying with their prereqs already done. It's funny in on off way that a previous bachelor's degree only weighs in at 2 points. Fair enough! I appreciate any insight and wish the best of luck to everyone else out there reading, studying, and waiting to hear!
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  3. by   yayforscience
    Hi She-ra!
    I think you have high chances of getting into RCC by being #3 on the waiting list. If I am not mistaken, last year, 20 people made it to the program from the alternate list. Just hang in there!
    Luckily, I've made it to the program and cannot wait to start school in Fall 2012. Hopefully, I will meet you in September on the first day of class )))
  4. by   she-ra919
    Thanks so much "yayforscience"! Hearty congratulations to you and I too hope to meet you in September!
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to Oregon Nursing Programs for more response.
  6. by   cchesney
    I was also accepted this year. I have heard from talking to several other students that they are waiting for OHSU to get back to them regarding acceptance. I think that many may choose to go that way if accepted and with you being number 3 gives you a great chance of making it in, especially if what yayforscience said about 20 alternates getting through is true!! Good luck, keep us posted, and hopefully I get to meet you both this coming September.
  7. by   she-ra919
    Thanks so much for the positive feedback, and congratulations to you for your acceptance! I just received word in the mail today from OHSU (Ashland) that I was accepted! I'm still in shock! What a wonderful journey we have ahead of us!

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