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I got accepted at OHSU BSN program! I am thrilled and I love OHSU.. if it weren't for the financial side of it, I would have no second thoughts.

However, now that reality has hit, I have no idea how people pay for college at a university! 
Seeking advice! Nervous to accept my offer. Anyone who has been in my shoes who does not regret going into debt for their BSN?

Background- I am a single mother to 2. I have only ever attended community college. I get max refund from the FAFSA. I have saved like crazy while completing my prerequisites, but I was saving for living expenses. It did not even occur to me the need to save for tuition. 

I know community college is the best way to go and to have an employer pay for your BSN once ADN is obtained, but that is not really an option for me. I got alternate #6 my first try with my community college and alternate #26 my second application round. It is just so extremely competitive. That's with a 3.9 GPA, advanced TEAS score, and all the points I could get- but with no experience in healthcare which blows all the other points out of the water.

OHSU seems like the way for me to go without waiting several more years to be accepted at my community college, but HOW do people pay for this tuition without taking out 30k in private high interest loans? I am comfortable taking out federal loans, but even that has me coming up short for tuition each term. 
I plan to apply for scholarships, grants, and student housing.


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