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I'm from Oregon and have thought about taking nursing through Excelsior. I called the Oregon State Board of Nursing, and they didn't seem too happy with the Excelsior Program, due to the fact that there are no clinicals.

I'm a LPN, who is taking additional courses, such as a two day IV Therapy class on Oct 30th & 31, to improve my nursing skills. Spring term I'm taking an extensive Phelebotomy Program, I will be certified when I'm done. I work the nightshift, so I prefer not to have a full load of classes, I want to attend classes part-time.

I would like to become an RN, but the waiting lists for the nursing programs here are long. Anyone from Oregon taking classes through Excelsior?


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I had posted a question yesterday about online university such as Excelsior. I am an LPN in RI and Ma. and have actually worked with a few Excelsior grads.I looked into this extensively a little while ago and here's the scoop: There actually are clinicals for every student who completes the program. You have to travel to NY for two days and take the clinical at their hospital.What the problem semed to be was, the school appears to be a major rip off. The people I talked to said the courses are good but really expensive. The rip part comes after the course work and you get your national butt to NY and take the clinical. Seems they are notorious for FAILING a lot of people at this clinical session so students have to RE-PURCHASE the courses. The Excelsior people used to be Regency College and recently changed their name. Seems they had a major law suit against them from the NLN in 1999. The less expensive way might be to get the books and study study. Once you feel comfortable , you can challenge just about every nursing course needed. I challenged my entire first year of nursing (RN) doing this. Every college in the US offers challenge exams at different times of the year for a nominal fee.They are tough, but a great way to move along without attending classes. Hope this was helpful! Scubs

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please refer to the many posts re Excelsior and its grads on the "Distance Learning" forum here. We have a good number of Excelsior grads here on the BB (myself included) who have nothing but praise for the program. I do not believe for one moment that they "fail" students intentionally ... or for any reason other than the student was not well enough prepared. It IS a tough program, to be sure... the clinicals are three days.. and can be taken in various regions of the US, not just NY.

There are several here on the BB who are currently enrolled in the program , you might want to check with them also. ;)

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