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I'm going to pick one of the following schools to attend this year. American Career College, CNI-Career Network Institure, Concorde, Stanbridge or Pacific College. I've only visted a couple and one thing I noticed is that the admission reps did not seem to like my many questions. Also, the campus looked maybe 25 to 50 percent occupied. Has anyone had any expericene with these colleges. I need advice on how to pick a good school that will really help me succeed. I'd like to hear from anyone who is in a program or has completed a program at one of these colleges. Thanks so much!


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Have you considered an inexpensive route like ROP in Orange County?

If you made up your mind to choose a private college, be careful--you do not always get what you pay for.

I suggest visiting the campus and going up to students to find out what the school is like. You should find out which students are LVN students and see if you can exchange contact info. Understand that if you want an honest answer from the students, you will probably have to speak to them not in front of staff.

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Thanks Care4life,

I've narrowed my search to CNI and Concorde. I've done extensive research including speaking with current students. I've also looked into ROP but don't have the time. A private college only takes 12 to 13 months to complete. Thanks again for your input, I appreciate it.


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You are very welcome.;)

Check out this site for reviews on some LVN programs in CA:

Also I found this site you might find helpful. Type in "private college, LVN".

God bless ya in pursuing a nursing career that will make a difference in people's lives.

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hello =) i am also seeking to start at concorde, im excited, and i think it will be a great choice. dont bother with rop, they are unprofessional and it takes a while to get in.

i wish u the best!

Awesome! Thanks for your input. Which location will you attend and when?

I am also considering attending CNI in August for their LVN program.... but now Im wondering if Concorde would be a better choice.


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Good advice I have heard from others in doing my own personal research on investing my money in a private college are:

1) *What is the passing rate on the school's NCLEX exam?

2) *How does the VN program prepare the student for the NCLEX board exam?

3) How long has the VN program been established at the school?

4) What is the length of time the senior instructor has been there? What is the percentage of instructors having about a similar amount of teaching years? (You are trying to find out if the school has teachers that have actually stayed with the school for a lengthy period of time)

5) Talk to a VN student that is almost done with the program and is not in front of staff when you are doing this.

I thank the Lord that doors opened when I was visiting a school and asked someone if he knew about the VN program. Fortunately, his girlfriend did and she was almost done with the program. The best tip I got from her about this school is that the schools will not process your papers to take the NCLEX exam until you pass the school's own old version of the NCLEX board exam.

From hearing this, it made sense why this private school had a high NCLEX passing rate.

There are definitely varying opinions, PROS & CONS of each private school you do research on. In the end, you need to be confident about the decisions you make by doing the research and praying has helped me a lot...

CHECK OUT: (Go to Forums. => Type "lvn, lpn, private schools") (Type a private college you are researching OR Type "lvn program, private college")

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Care4life :nurse:

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Forgot to lastly add...

6) Research if the private college has a history of bankruptcy. I have heard from a student of a private college with a VN program that is in bankruptcy but I would still need to check if it is valid.

This is great information! Thank you so much for taking the time. Hugs-Raq

Thank you for the info... Im going to look into that. I definately want to make the best choice.:wink2:


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Everyone who has posted information on LVN colleges to attend, I have noticed a few saying CNI, Concord, Stanbridge & Pacific College were their narrowed down options. I have been to all four of these colleges and have been inquiring about them for almost a year 1/2 now so I have done extensive research and from my personal experience, Pacific College seems to be the best out of the four and it has the best reviews. Good luck to everyone!

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