OR nurse joining the air force reserves


I am 26 years old (single with no children), I have 4 years experience as an RN (scrub and circulate) in the operating room, I have my BSN, CNOR and I am very interested in joining the air force reserves as an OR RN. I am good at my job, I know it well and I would love to do it for my country and the injured soldiers who have served her. I just want straight, accurate answers to my questions before I sign my life over for the next 13 years. I have had conversations with recruiters on the subject but I am desperatly looking for information from actual OR nurses who have experienced this job in the air force reserves. Any information will be appreciated. Some specific areas of concern include: were u happy with your experience? how did what you were promised compare to what you given during your time? were you able to sign-on specifically for an OR nurse position or did you have to work in other areas as well? does an OR nurse's duties in the reserves include scrubbing and circulating? But above all, the biggest area of concern for me is the ability to "resign my comission" (should i need to) later in my career during inactive reserve years- is this something that can be done and do you know someone who has? I am aware of the risks of the reserves and I am not shying away from them before I even join. I am simply trying to cover all my bases and that includes circumstances that may arise within the 10 years of inactive reserve time. Again, any thoughts or information is appreciated.