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Hi All,

I 'm in New Orleans, La. Right now I completing A&P I lecture and will be taking lab this summer. I plan on taking the Teas test is August; so i can apply for nursing school for fall of 2011. I work full time, married with 3 kids and need some contacts in my area.

Has anyone taken the teas, and how was it?

I really wanted to make a good score but how long should i study?

help pls


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...how long should i study?

How long is a piece of rope?

Bad humor aside, no one knows your study habits any better than yourself. Some people may not have to prepare for the TEAS at all, where as others may have to spend dozens of hours to get an equivalent score. There are too many variables to give you a definitive answer on how long you should study.

The most appropriate answer would probably be: "enough"

There are some very good study guides floating around the internet, if you can make it through one of those and feel pretty confident about the material I'd say that's a pretty good place to be going into the test.


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i have the study guide so i will concentrate on that. I was wondering how hard is it to get in to Charity School of nursing