Options? LVN with BA in Psych, Low GPA

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Hello all,

I decided to make a thread because my situation is a little confusing:

I have a BA in psych with a low GPA: 2.3. I am currently attending LVN at Casa Loma, with 3.7 GPA (GPA will not transfer to another school). My goal is to get my BSN or ultimately NP. I have a lot of questions, so I would appreciate any help! Love this forum; you ladies and gents are very informative, and helped me make my decision to get into nursing. I'm 30 years old, no kids, live in CA (not interested in relocating outside of the state). Time is important for me. I'd like to finish my education quickly because I want kids.

  • LVN - 30 unit diploma: would allow me to work as an RN. Can I still obtain a BSN with this route? I've read on other forums that it is not possible, however, I am thinking it's possible for me because I already completed a BA. I've done GE so an additional bachelor's should only take 2 years. (I also spoke to my clinical instructor, and she said that RN is just a board exam -- you don't take a different board exam whether you are diploma RN, ADN, or BSN.)
  • LVN - BSN - limited options. There don't seem to be a lot in CA, in 2013. Any ideas?
  • Get my GPA up and apply to an entry-level MSN program. It will take me 83 units to get to a 3.0. (approx 3 years -- yep...that bad) Are there other programs that are easier to get into, that maybe allow a 2.5 or 2.0 GPA?
    • It's possible with all of those units I would be taking nursing prereqs, then would be enrolled in an ADN program.


    • This is my last resort in my head. The advantage is that it allows me to start a new leaf and forgo my old GPA. My biggest gripe is that application process alone for each program would lengthen my education time.

    [*]Options in my favor:

    • I've excelled at school since I started nursing: 3.7 GPA
    • My previously low GPA can be explained by my previous career. I ran a multi-million dollar business and achieved top performance at work
    • I will have nursing experience as an LVN when I do apply to any of these schools. Unfortunately I have no prior medical experience. I wonder if my LVN will have any sway if I apply to an EL-MSN.

    [*]Does anyone know what the difference in education time is for MSN to NP?

I know that's a lot of questions. I hope that someone can help with at least one. Thanks a lot!