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Options for LPN with controlled substance restriction???

Does anyone have suggestions for employment opportunities that don't require controlled substance administration?

I finally brokedown and started hitting up Dr.offices and went to an interview at a urology practice and, lo and behold, they JUST started doing surgeries onsite so administering fentanyl is part of the job description.

Anyway, I can request to have the narc restrc lifted after 6 months of employement. However, I have been turned down in every interview I've been in because controlled substance admin is part of the job description.

I have worked for a LTC facility as a STNA for a year, and they even turned me down in favor of a new grad that had only been there as a STNA for a few months. That stings.

Feel free to let the honest opinions fly. Are nurses in addiction recovery really looked down upon because of their past, or is it just a hassle with the narc restc that people don't want to work around?

I've been getting so frustrated lately and considering pursuing a different career entirely. I'm so sick of my past following me to every job interview I go to. I can feel the atmosphere of the interview change when I start listing off all these restrictions and requirements I have and I get labeled "high maintenance liability".

What really bothers me about this whole situation is that in a moment of brilliance after getting clean (almost 18 months ago) I decided I should "Do Things the Right Way", and called up the OBN and put in my application for the alternative program for chemical dependency a couple weeks later. So this challenge is of my own construction, and now I am not sure which way to go.

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