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Opinions Please?

by cryhisEMT cryhisEMT (New) New

I'm going to Valparaiso University for Nursing and I was honestly wondering what the difference is between going to this or other schools? Besides money. Since VU is a lending college, I haven't had to take out any loans myself and financial aid has covered almost everything anyway. So far I know that our A & P is the same as taking A & P and Advanced Physiology out of Ivy Tech (one of my friends is doing that and transfering). I also know that I never had to apply for the nusing program, I was in from day one of my prereqs. I know that compared to friends at Purdue, I have had hardly any hoops to jump through, besides having at least a "C" in all science classes. AND I don't have to take the TEAS test. SOOOOO....

What I was wondering is what is the TEAs test, is it something employers ever look at, and whether going to VU makes a difference when it comes to the big time hospitals? I know my tuition is more expensive, but it's looking like it might be worth not having the hastle of horrendous competition. Thanks Guys!:typing

The teas is : test of essential academic skills, and is used to see where you are academically. The test is over math, english, reading, and science.

I don't know what to say about different schools. Price usually leads in decisions about where to attend. All accredited schools have to follow and teach a set type and amount of classes for each level and kind of degree. (all rn programs must include the same components, all 2 yr degrees require certain components) So, while some classes may have different names, everyone must take the same general classes to qualify for a said degree.


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