I am not a nurse, but I hope to do Nursing in the future. Then hopefully end up working in an Ophthalmology dept.

What do Ophthalmic nurses do on a day to day basis? Are there any career opportunities within Ophthalmology?


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Hello! I am a student and am also interested in becoming an ophthalmic nurse.

I have the same questions as Tina and would like to get some answers. Somebody, please post anything you know about this field. Welcoming any input! Thanks so much.

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I worked in Opthalmology for about 12 years prior to getting my RN, BSN. Now I have worked hospital bedside nursing for 3 1/2 years and thinking about getting back into "eyes". There is a society of Ophthalmic registered nurses called ASORN. You can google it. I think mostly surgical nursing. I went to one of their educational forums in the early 1990's and this is why I am a nurse today. :) Will keep you posted on any info I find too.

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I've worked as an Ophthalmic nurse for 2 years and I can say I'm happy with it. What we mostly do is like a clinic/outpatient nursing. We do the basic visual acuity tests and then forward it to the Ophthalmologist for a medical diagnosis and for other tests. If a patient has cataract, we then prepare them for an outpatient Phacoemulsification procedure. We also provide them with the preoperative and postoperative teachings, as well as lens counselling - so they can choose which artificial IOL will suit their needs. We also act as scrub or circulating nurses during the surgery (Phaco, Trabec, Pterygium incision, etc.).

It might get boring after sometime but the reward of someone seeing again clearly is very satisfying. :)

Hi Purplechicxiii, I am very excited that I have an interview this friday for a position as a Ophthalmic nurse. I have been trying to get into a surgery center forever! Responsibilities include pre-op, post-op, and circulating in the OR. Any advice for the interview? How does the pay compare to the hospital pay? I know the pay is different in different areas, I just feel so blind when it comes to asking for a pay rate. I'd love to talk to you more about this!

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I have been researching ophthalmology type jobs for almost a month. I just accepted an RN position at an ambulatory outpatient surgery center and I am so excited. :D Will do recovery and post op education for three ophthalmologists, a plastics guy, urologist and ENT. It will be a nice change from bedside. ;)

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