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Operating theatre nurse and anaesthetic nurse

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I am looking at studying nursing within the next few years at university with the goal of becoming either a operating theatre nurse or anaesthetic nurse. Is it possible to go into either of these positions with a 3 year Bachelor of nursing under my belt or is further study and/or experience required?

Many thanks for your assistance


Hi Carlsbert,

I too have thought about becoming a nurse anesthetist. I live in south FL. What I've found is that you do need to go to Nurse Anesthesia school. The schools I have found are about two years, full time, and require you to have a minimum of a bachelor of nursing degree. Along with a minimum GPA of 3.0, you must also have at least 1 year of experience in acute care.

Hope this helps.

OR nurse: You need to get your nursing degree or diploma and license first. Then apply for OR training programs/residency at a hospital.

CRNA: As futureflrn says you will need to go to CRNA school. This is a master's level (advanced practice) specialty. You need your BSN first. A year of experience in ICU is a standard requirement. See the CRNA boards under the specialty tab for more info.

Thanks for the information guys, much appreciated.


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