Yet another "Is OR right for me?" thread...

  1. Hey, all. I know there are always a lot of these threads in here, but I don't know any *actual* OR nurses, so forgive me.

    I'm currently a just-past-new (~18 mo) RN in a lvl III NICU, and we do occasionally get surgery up on our floor doing bedside procedures (when the baby is too sick to go to the OR, for example, or for ECMO cannulation). One of the top CT surgery people is actually an FNP who got her RNFA, which is something I'm interested in doing; so I keep flirting with the idea of transferring to OR nursing. We usually get as much stuff set up for the OR team as we can before they come up, and I pride myself on being fairly good at it, and at least being a little better each time. Here's my conundrum: I have nothing even approaching a thick skin. There are a couple of the surgical fellows who I can talk right back to when they get snippy and it's fine, but most of the attendings make me so nervous I could vomit. Can you develop the thick skin you need? I never let them see me cry, but that doesn't mean the utility room and I haven't spent some quality time together this last year.

    Thanks in advance for any advice
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  3. by   mikethern
    Toughness is a requirement in the operating room. You will meet some of the nastiest physicians and coworkers you will ever meet in your life. Most are nice though.

    I entered the O.R. as a new grad. It was without a doubt the hardest year of my life. It was harder than the 4 years I served in the Army before nursing school.

    Just remember that the weaker you act, the more you will be abused. You must grow a backbone.
  4. by   elizabells
    Thanks, mike. I think I'm getting there... now when they snark at me for something that's not my fault, I don't give a hoot. It's when they get on me for a mistake I actually DID make that I get upset. Perfectionist, table for one!
  5. by   mikethern
    You look like actress Katee Sackhoff from Bionic Woman....
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    Quote from mikethern
    You look like actress Katee Sackhoff from Bionic Woman....
    Weird, right?

    Psst! You know that's a photo of Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck on BSG, right? I only wish I were her!