why do OR's discourage dedicated new grads?

  1. I will graduate in May with my BSN, and I have wanted nothing more than to work in the operating room ever since I can remember. I am a student member of AORN, and even won an AORN scholarship. I am currently doing my professional practicum in the OR of a large university hospital in the midwest (24 hours a week for 16 weeks). Still, hospitals still give me the same lecture: we frown upon new grads. Tell me this- why do OR's complain about lack of staffing, and when truly interested new grads apply, they do just about everything to turn them off? It's so frustrating. I realize it costs a lot of money to train someone, but it costs money to train a new grad anywhere. I've sent my resume' to about 15 hospitals, and the only one that even acknowledged my interest is still stalling. Does anyone have any suggestions other than "be persistent", because that's my plan for now. Thanks, Jen
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    Don't give up!If you are willing to move to Calif there are a number of hospitals, UCSF for example that have ongoing training programs.They can't recruit enough experienced OR nurses so they are traing them from scratch.The only requirement is they STRONGLY suggest you having a years exp in an acute setting.Enthusiam plays a strong indicator for hiring, so keep at it because it is very hard to find anyone wanting to go into the OR. Good luck, Mike