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I just applied to a new grad OR nurse program, but I actually don't really know what OR nurses do. Does it include pre-op and post-op care, or will I be stuck in the operating room all day long... Read More

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    We are your patient advocate...in some scary hospitals, preventing the surgeon from operating on the wrong site...fighting to keep you safe from retained foreign body, infections, fires, nerve injuries, anyone giving you the wrong medications, among a thousand other things that can and could go wrong. Thankless job and most people don't know exactly what we do. Preventing and fighting anyone from doing harm to the patient no matter how much we get yelled at for doing and fighting for what is right for the patient. We MAKE everyone in the room follow rules, policies, procedures and guidelines that otherwise would not follow since they feel they can bend rules or shortcut you in what is right. That's my rant...been fighting for my patients at some of the most scariest hospitals for the last 10 years and hopefully will continue for awhile.
    Thank you for being the advocate for us patients while we are under and can't speak for ourselves. I've had 5 surgeries in the past 2 years and I never did get a chance to thank the nurses in the OR or PACU for being there. You guys are pretty much forgotten I guess but what you do is VERY important.