Scrub Nurse vs Scrub Techs

  1. Recently, my facility wants to train the Circulators to scrub because of staffing needs. Most of the Circulators are being trained by the Surgical techs. The majority of the techs are being resistant to the idea, which I can understand. There are no plans to replace them because of budget. I get a sense that they may feel threatened with having nurses trained to scrub. However, it is happening because we are having to many situations when there are no techs to start a room and the available nurses are inexperienced to take the scrub role. In the end, it's all about patient safety and customer satisfaction (patients and surgeons). My problem is the passive aggressiveness and the hindering of sharing knowledge to train us. I have been sabotage to look incompetent with the surgeon and it's becoming more of an "us versus them," which is getting out of hand. Any advice or suggestions?
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    Just do your best, don't get into a you vs them situation. You are only responsible for what you do, not what they tell you to do. Don't expect them to set up the case for you though.

    I'm an RN who learned to scrub before I learned to Circulate. I work with several RN's who were Surgical Techs before going to Nursing School. We all get along. Remember it takes two to argue. It's no fun arguing with yourself. Take an active roll in creating a learning environment. Even when you aren't scrubbing, pay attention to what happens on the field. A circulator who has experience scrubbing can anticipate some of the needs and are a real life saver at times.