Reasons applying for position???

  1. I'm applying for an operating room nurse internship position and one of the sections on the application says "explain three reasons why you are applying for this position. Also, state what you expect to gain from the program."

    I'm not really sure what I should put on this section. I am a new nurse and this is the first time I have seen a section like this on an application. I would appreciate any and all input! Thanks all!
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  3. by   HollywoodDiva
    Just list exactly why you are interested in OR.
  4. by   KatieBug713
    Well reasons I'm interested in or don't really sound good for an application, like I used to wk in surgery for a vet and loved it. Every time I did clinicals in or I loved it, I like the environment, the way everyones just chill and works together. The schedule is wonderful, you get to see interesting stuff. But I don't know how any of that would sound appropriate for an application.
  5. by   Ilovethe80s
    Stating how much you loved your experiences in the OR is a good start. You also mentioned how everyone works together - you could write something about thriving in a team setting, which is definitely something you find in the OR. You also mentioned seeing interesting cases - what about writing something about how interesting you find the diversity of cases and how the OR allows you to interact with patients of all age groups, backgrounds, and health problems. I would leave out comments about the schedule. Some folks tend to think the OR is a typical Mon - Fri 8 hr-a-day job and it doesn't always work out that way. At least, that is what I have found working in a hospital OR. Personally, something that I enjoy about the OR is that we are helping peope to "fix a problem". It could be something kind of minor like a circumcision or something more intense like a bypass. Overall, though, our main goal is to help our patients by providing a unique service that can change their lives, which we hope is for the best.
  6. by   KatieBug713
    Thanks a lot! That helps!