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    I am currently a BSN student with one year of school left. I want to be a RNFA. I realize that I will need years of experience working the floor and in the OR before I am eligible for the RNFA program. However, I looked into some job requirements for work in the OR as a nurse, and I am unclear about something: How do you get OR experience if part of the "job requirement" for OR Nurse is 1-3 years of OR experience?? Do you get the OR job by networking? How do you get your foot in the door?

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  3. by   Stacey30
    Do hospitals in your area offer fellowship programs? I just interviewed for an OR nurse fellowship on Monday, it's for new grads who have passed the nclex. Since OR isn't typically offered as a clinical rotation in nursing school (at least not in my area), the fellowship offers classroom as well as clinical hours and prepares you for work in the OR. The one I interviewed for is 5 weeks long and I get to choose from a list of hospitals accepting fellows where I'd like to work. At the end of the fellowship I'd then be hired on full time as a staff nurse. This might be something for you to look into.
  4. by   hswift
    Many times it is who you know. I recommend asking the nurse manager if you can come job shadow and express your long term career goals with the nm