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Just wanted to send this out and if anyone can tell me, please do. I was just wondering what the standard at your hospital is for prepping total joints. It's 10 minutes at our hospital with... Read More

  1. by   RacheloneRN
    Hearing yall mention a 10 minute prep is shocking. I could only imagine the crap I would get from my surgeons if I prepped for 10 minutes, I feel rushed while using chloraprep sometimes, and these docs have low infection rates. For total joints, with Chloraprep in our facility, we do 30 strokes at the incision site (the knee for example), then continue the rest of the extremity, continuing down the leg, then the foot. Once the foot is prepped, we raise it, crack a new prep, start back at the incision site, and get the front and back of the leg with the 2nd stick. I don't think I would be able to hold most patients legs for 10 minutes...