Perioperative Internship Experience

  1. I resigned as an perioperative nurse 8 months ago from a community hospital. My resignation was submitted 2 months after I successfully completed an internship program. It was disheartening how the interns were treated by the staff especially other fellow nurses. I struggled with adapting to the hostile environment there and was advised by a CNOR, this behavior(abuse) was common in most OR settings. Seven (including myself )out of the sixteen interns left shortly after the internship. I have applied to several hospitals and outpatient surgery centers without any replies. I would like to return to the OR and wondered if anyone could advise me how to make myself marketable.
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  3. by   sjb2005
    welcome and thanks for your post. i too have resigned from hostile environments. i found the or, to be uncomfortable in my nursing rotation. but, the hostility continues in other nursing settings as well. i just do not do well in hostile situations and opt out vs hanging in. i have found this to be the best option for me. is a helpful site for working up a resume and getting in a environment much more suited for optimal pt care. good luck!