periop training program repayment?

  1. Looking into many periop training programs. It seems following training most have a minimum 2 year commitment. I'm curious what the typical repayment is for leaving prior to that commitment? Not something I would anticipate doing, but you never know what changes life will bring. Just want to know if the hospital I'm looking at is similar to others. What were the repayment contracts for other OR nurses and where are you located?
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  3. by   kguill975
    I can't speak for most internships, but mine was based on a prorated amount. We were given a 5K sign-on bonus, which we received 1/2 after the successful completion of 6 months, and the other half at the completion of a year. The cost of the training was said to be a little less than 50K for the entire year, which was basically my yearly salary back then. There was only one nurse who didn't complete the program, and she left long before the 6 months didactic training was completed, so she didn't owe anything. The OR is such an "all or nothing" area, I've seen many nurses not make it through, and leave owing nothing. Good Luck to you.
  4. by   meadry1
    A friend of mine told me she is signed on for 2 years in an OR internship at a Baltimore hospital. If she left, it would be a $7,500 payback after she finishes her training (around 7 mos), but gets reduced as time goes by, i.e. if she left in a year and a half it would be $1500. You get the idea. They invest time and money into training you and it is intense. I think you need at least 2 years to get a good feel for OR nursing. The first 6 months is an emotional roller coaster for many. Without the contract, in my opinion, retention would dwindle. It gets easier as time goes by, as with any RN position! GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   Traveler4life
    My program was 6 months and I was paid my regular nurse wage during that 6 months. Entering the program required a 2 year commitment and the cost if you opted not to honor it was 10k. I think they prorated it if you completed some of the commitment.