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Hello everybody, I have been on orientation for circulator for 2 weeks. Many of my coworkers say I make a good team member and that I fit in well already but I feel like a fish out of water! I am... Read More

  1. by   PeachyERNurse
    What exactly does a circulator nurse do?
  2. by   mikethern
    Quote from futurnurse
    What exactly does a circulator nurse do?

    Click "about AORN", then click "what is perioperative nursing."
  3. by   mcmike55
    Keep in mind, orientation to the OR is not your normal orientation.
    A specialty like OR takes a lot longer to orient, than like to the general floor, you'll be under someone's wing, and not able to go on your own for a while.
    In my OR, a new nurse is assigned to a mentor, and only one person. This really helps the learning process, eliminating what you described, as being bounced around too much. That said, in a small hospital like mine, it's not unusual to do cystos, then to GYN and follow that with ortho in the same day. So some bouncing is sort of nature of the beast. When the next day's assignments are being set, our charge nurse lets the mentor choose the room they want. If they want to focus on a certain area, or bounce a little, work pre op, or what ever the new nurse and mentor talk it out and decide.
    As the new nurse starts to get their feet under them, the mentor reels out the leash a little as it were. Maybe letting them insert the foley, while the mentor helps with the induction, and so on.
    In my experience, a nurse that has little to no OR experience figure at least 6 months before really going out on their own, considerably less for experienced OR nurses.
    By the way, a new nurse takes call with their mentor for a while, then takes first call with the mentor following them as their experience and compentency grows.
    Scrub tech orientation pretty much the same. We don't use RN scrubs not too cost effective. Some of our RN's can and do scrub on occasion. I love to scrub when I can, especially Ortho.
    Hope that helps some.

  4. by   luckyduck7
    Actually, Mike, that did help. Your hospital sounds so much more organized than mine when it comes to orienting. I think even I could do a better job of planning my orientation than anyone else is doing!!! I think it's a great idea that you only have one mentor with the orientee. Sigh. Too bad.
    I get a few really good people orienting me, and then there's two who should absolutely not be teaching. They barely even look at me let alone tell me anything. I finally let my manager know that it was pretty much impossible to learn when with those two, and to my suprise she agreed. This doesn't mean I can't work with people-I'm usually a great team member... I just need to be given some solid education right now. I can't even believe how those guys treat me!
    Anyway, to anyone that has replied to my questions, I appreciate it. It really helps to know I'm not alone. This is my dream job, but it really has been a rough month, and I don't really see an end in sight!!!!:uhoh21: