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  1. Just started in the or, and my back and hips are absolutely killing me! As a floor nurse, I was on my feet plenty but never had to stand for prolonged periods. Plus, I was walking on carpeted floors mostly, not concrete-based floors. I have Dansko clogs currently, and they are not cutting it. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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  3. by   mikethern
    Try running shoes with gel inserts.
  4. by   brewerpaul
    See if your OR will allow Crocs or similar shoes (the Airwalk ones from Payless Shoes are nearly as good and half the price). Add a pair of these:
    http://superfeet.com/store/ (the Easy Fit variety).
    I find this combo to be excellent and I know whereof I speak: before starting in the OR in June, I was a Podiatrist for nearly 30 years.
    BTW-- the Superfeet prefab orthotics are the best ones I've found yet. I used them in my Podiatry practice for people who needed orthotic control, but not badly enough to need expensive custom molded orthoses. They'll work well in most any shoe.
  5. by   coconutt
    Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. by   NancyJane85
    I've been in the OR for 5 years. I thought I'd die my hips, back and feet hurt so badly when I started. Orthotics, support hose (sheer energy) and sleeping with a pillow between my legs did it for me!