New Curculating Nurse in a Pediatric Hospital

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    I have been a RN for 3 Years in the adult world. I worked a little over 2 years in an "extended care" hospital where we mostly dealt with wound care, trachs/vents, and patients on long term ABx. Last summer I moved to a cardiac stepdown at a hospital a little closer to my house. I decided that I was tired of doing traditional bedside nursing. I am currently in training now in for a circulating nurse in the OR at a pediatric hospital. Of course I knew this would definitely be different but I feel a little culture shock to be honest. The course I'm in now seems like its geared mostly for the floor nurse but I feel a little frustrated because I'm not sure what REALLY applies to my new role in the OR. Like I said earlier I am used to the adult world so in the class where they talk about meds and some diseases I feel totally clueless! Next week I get to shadow in the OR and the following couple of weeks I'm gonna be in a peri-op course . I'm excited about that but it just feels a little weird right now because I don't know much about pediatrics but I'm not sure what I really need to know for the OR ;( Any thoughts or suggestions?
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