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  1. Hi my names Heather and I need to interview a professional in the field that interests me most-and an OR nurse is my choice. I would like to ask you some questions that would only take a few minutes, if you are interested please reply here. It would greatly help me with my assignment and learning more about your field.
    Thank you so much in advance, I know that all of you have so much wisdom to share with me
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  3. by   bonquilt
    What would you like to know, Heather? OR nursing is a terrific career. It's one of those fields where it seems people either love it or hate it; no inbetween.
  4. by   Lita.ICU
    I don't mean to hijack Heather's post, but I am an RN-BSN student with Western Governors University and for my third project with my Evidence Based Nursing class, I need to interview a practicing OR nurse about a hospital policy r/t perioperative nursing care that needs to change. I need to know how the policy developed originally, what the policy is, who determined it and then I need to do additional research about current evidence based information to write my paper. I do not need to refer to specific hospitals or people, but I do need an OR contact to start the paper.

    I know I'm not Heather, but bonquilt, is this something you might be able to help me with?

    (I tried to PM, but couldn't).

    Thanks in advance!