1. Hey all!
    I need some help here. I am currently in the process of getting back to the OR after 9 months of CVICU. Prior to nursing school I worked as a CST for 12 years and still maintain my certification. My question is this:
    I know that I want to go back to the OR-no Q about it, but I want to get my CNOR and CRNFA. How should I approach this subject while in the interview process?
    My proposal would be for the hospital to hire me on with the expectation that I would start immediately working to complete these goals. I would suggest that while learning the circulating role at their institution, I can be preparing for the CNOR and at the same time beginning the enrollment process for the RNFA program that I have already chosen. I am just not sure how to propose this to the recruiter or Hiring Manager of the OR.
    Ideally, I would like to apply for an RNFA position and begin right away in basically an intern-type role with the hospitals support of furthering my education (not monetarily-I will paying for my education myself, although tuition reimbursement would be nice). At this time, I just want them to support my functioning as a surgical assistant to complete the course.
    Please offer any advise that you may have on how I can lead into this...either during the interview, in my resume objective, or even through my cover letter. I appreciate all answers and thank you in advance.
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