need help dealing with core staff

  1. I am a travel nurse that is working in the OR, I understand that there is alot expect of me, but where do you draw line between giving 100% of your self, and being walked on like a door mat. For example, not getting releaved for a bladder break, not getting lunch until 10 min before the caft closes, and then even being rushed to choke down some stale sandwich. Meanwhile, later you find out that there were other nurses, I quote, "being bored and not doing anything for the last 3 hours" of her day. Then to top it all off, a ST tries to tell you how to do your prep, after the doc has seen and liked your prep. Oh ugh And also, having 3 different people tell you that you need to do something, that you already know you need to do, a order enrty, that anyone could do, but instead that would rather rag you about not already having it done. HELP I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND. NOT A FAR DRIVE.
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  3. by   elcue
    Talk to your recruiter with your agency, (S)he should be your advocate.