LPN's in OR

  1. I am a current LPN student who plans to go on eventually for my RN but am taking the "extended program"...~L~

    I am very interested in OR nursing. Is there a place for LPN's in OR? I origionally planned on going to school to be a scrub tech but thought I'd be rather limited with that and that I would have more options as an LPN if I don't like OR.

    So I was just wondering if LPN's are ever hired in OR? Should I go ahead and get my scrub tech cert anyway on top of my LPN or just not even pursue an OR career until after becoming an RN?

    thanks so much all...
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  3. by   shodobe
    Should be no problem. You will be considered a Tech in a majority of states since you won't be able to circulate until you finish your RN. An LVN worked for many years here as a Tech and she was very happy in her position. Being an RN who can also scrub will be a benefit to you as a circulator. Where you work will dictate whether the hospital is willing to train you as a Tech. Most hospitals only want to hire Techs already with experience. If you are already an RN they can train you as a circ first then gradually train you as a scrub. I work at a hospital that uses an all RN staff so this is easy. Alot of hospitals on the other hand don't want to train anyone and will only hire trained people. You might want to check around your area and find a director willing to go this route since you plan on going further in your career plans. Good luck, Mike
  4. by   pinoyrn
    I was an LVN for many years. Four of those years, I worked in the OR as a scrub nurse. At the same time, I pursued my studies to become a Registered Nurse. I got my RN license last August and now, I scrub and circulate.

    Where I work now doesn't have the resources to train people. I received my OR training at a Veteran's Hospital.

    Good Luck