I have been given a good opportunity, need advise please

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am trying to make a decision between a PACU internship and an OR internship. These internships do not come around much so I am trying to see which would be a better fit for me. I would LOVE to do them both, but I can't!!! Can anyone tell me the pros and cons to each specialty? Also, what are the differences in hours/schedules between the two. Thank you!
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  3. by   sharann
    Gosh what a rare oppurtunity. YOu are new to nursing right?. I am a PACU nurse and love it so I can't be unbiased. I also have not worked the OR so I can't say not to go there(ha ha). I do think that in PACU you are using alot more hands on patient skills(in our OR I see this)and in OR you are more in charge of the patient and the room but are not necessarily hands on . OR nurses have to lift alot of equipment, help move patients on/off table etc, and be a runner for the techs. It can be exhausting and they are on their feet constantly. Our OR nurses who have done only OR are very good but they admit they "lost" their other skills such as IV's and assessments. SOME have them though, depends on the job. They are expert Foley inserters.
    Now my sterile technique probably leave alot to be desired but my assesment skills and ability to instantly detect a problem with a patients heart or respiration is very strong. Maybe more nurses here can shed some light.