help with policy and procedure with or preps

  1. i am in charge of finding policy and procedure for the preps in the operating room. IE: vaginal preps, vaginal/abdominal preps etc.... i must include pictures of the correct prepping procedure. i am having no luck at all finding any policies/procedures on this subject and am at a standstill. any suggestions?
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  3. by   Ferret
    Alexander's care of the patient in surgery would be a good place to start, perhaps, and what are the AORN standards?
  4. by   MSMRN
    Hi, We are also trying to research vaginal prep and foley insertion prior to various gyne surgery. Right now we prep the vaginal area, then do the foley cath. Using, usually betadine and sterile prep set, and the foley set with sterile betadine, cotton balls, etc. After positioning the patient, setting all sterile sets up, then with sterile gloves seperating the labia, wiping with three seperate gauze soaked sponges down each side and the middle(use one hand to hold the area open, one sterile to prep) The vagina is cleansed 3 times with gauze on a sponge stick. Then the foley is inserted. Sketchy,quick steps. Let me know if you want more specifics. Please help us out with our research on how you other facilities prep for this.