1. hello, i have a question. are there any men in perioperative nursing in the u.s.? is it hard to get jobs being a man in perioperative nursing? i am considering perioperative nursing and hope i haven't offended anybody by my question? would anyone recommend perioperative nursing? i personally like intraoperative nursing. do nurses work all aspects of perioperative nursing or what they prefer such as pre, intra, post? I have tons of questions and would appreciate feedback!!!! this is my first post in this section!!

    thank you
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  3. by   shodobe
    I have been working in the OR for 27 years and one of my co-workers has been in the OR for over 10 years. So my answer would be YES! The OR besides the ED, is one of the more popular places for men to go into. Good luck, Mike
  4. by   scudmissile
    thanks for the feedback mike. i appreciate it
  5. by   drmrnfla
    I have been in the O.R. for 10 years now and enjoy my work very much. Specilaizing in Open Heart..... I am the only male in the O.R. at the hospital I work at (Ontario, Canada). But having worked in the States for five years, I noticed that males were more prevelant in the O.R., as there were 9 men in the O.R. I worked in. Hope this info helps ..... David.
  6. by   scudmissile
    thanks for your reply david. i appreciate it!!!!
  7. by   mcmike55
    missle man
    I absolutely agree with shodobe!!! Other than ED, the operating room is the place for me. Other than maybe a medflight helicopter, but that was 20 years about 75 pounds and two ACL's ago, but let's not go there! :chuckle
    I've been in the OR for more than 20 years, and I love the hands on, in the trenches atmosphere. I work in a small rural hospital, and when you are on call, YOU ARE IT. There is rarely anyone to call for help, but when you need help, it's there of course. But, whatever comes in, trauma, vascular, general, it's yours. And I love it!! Once in a while I get to scrub, which is great, and I love helping the ortho docs do closed reductions, etc.
    The best thing is that I trust our docs, and over the years, they have learned to trust me and my opinions.
    Example: late night high speed "bumper cars" on the interstate. Open fracture left leg. While moving the right leg for a foley, I felt a crunching. Xray was alread in the room, while the doc was coming in the door, I asked them to shoot the "good" leg. The doc looked at me, but didn't say anything until he saw a tibial plateau fracture. A heartfelt thank you later, made the late night worth the effort, as well as a good outcome for the pt.
  8. by   scudmissile
    thanks for your reply and input mcmike55. i appreciate it