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do u all count your instruments where u work. we do a count before the case and again after pre closure. my friend works in a room where the instruments are never counted by 2 people because the head... Read More

  1. by   carcha
    The thing is guys, that even in the u.k., even with a policy, not all work places practice counting instruments with 2 people. While its expected that u count sponges ect, in several places I have worked in there is no check between 2 people on instruments, pre op or post op. Now I can hear u all ready to jump on your keyboards to tell me how stringent u are in your counting, however let me repeat, not ALL places, I dident say every place, secondly, I have also worked in North America and the same thing applied in one hospital I worked in. I almost had to beg to do a first count in that one. Finally to protect my licence I gave up the O.R.. Again perhaps I was just unlucky in my choice of hospital, or time in that hospital. My point is unless the team in the OR enforce the policy or good sense, if there is no policy, what can an individual do but fight and fight, and let me tell u that wears u down after a while.